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Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
, conversely on the other side howard dean really revolutionized the use of the web, and then john kerry carried it forward on sort of that aspect of it. but, boy, the bush campaign had it going. and then in 2008 where the mccain campaign had its up and then its down and then a little up and down, but the thing about it is whatever the state of the technology, the state of the art on republican presidential campaign organization efforts from '04 was lost in '08. and had to get effectively rebuilt, this time by the romney campaign. but only after they were able to get the republican nomination in april which was so late in part because of super pacs that basically kept the process going much longer than it ever normally goes. i mean, you know, historically as long as stu and i have been watching this and before that, when a candidate started losing primaries, their donors closed their checkbooks. you run out of money, you drop out of the race. and now with super pacs what's happening is, you know, sheldon edelson can keep gingrich going for a month or two more and prolong the proces
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
republicans. i'm trying to think if there are any democrats. john kerry but -- >> two senators who were reelected this week, both of them women, amy klobuchar of minnesota spent some, spent some time at the convention in charlotte going to delegation breakfasts including the one in iowa where she, i belief she echoed sarah palin in saying she thought she could see iowa from her house, which is quite literally true. [laughter] and kirsten gillibrand. of course, there's pent-up demand for new yorkers running for the democratic nomination for president in 2016 already. [laughter] so as i understand, i think the order of precedence is if the secretary of state the -- state runs, then the governor won't, and if neither of them run, then gillibrand runs. >> i don't know if i just yet see her as presidential material, but she has been someone who has been mentioned who could be picked for this cycle. which would raise her national profile. and she certainly is a talented politician. i think she was underestimated when she was first appointed. and so who knows? >> along those line just to echo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2